printed circuit boards

Building A Computer

The act of building your own computer can be a fun and enjoyable one.  If you have a little bit of technical skills and some motor skills, you will be able to build your own computer fairly easily.  The first thing that you need to do is decide on the type of case to use.  The case will be the external box that holds all of your components.  You can take your time and modify the case by painting it, adding LED lights and anything else you can think of.

printed circuit boards

The act of building a computer starts with installing the motherboard.  Motherboards are printed circuit boards that will hold all of the components that make up the computer.  Depending on the type of motherboard you choose will determine what type of components you can install. 

To start with you will install the motherboard into the case.  From there you will place on the CPU, CPU fan, Memory and video card.  You want to then hook up the power supply and make sure that you get a picture.  If you do, then you can remove the video card and install the motherboard into the case.

To install, just line up the holes in the motherboard with the holes in the case and tighten them down with screws.  The case will typically come with the standoffs and screws needed.  From there hook up the power supply, install the video card and make sure that you still get a picture.  If everything is good then you can continue installing the components and load your operating system.

Installing your operating system

Installing your operating system should be easy.  Windows will come on a CD or DVD.  You will put this into your DVD player on your computer and boot up.  The computer will read the DVD and start the process of installing windows.

When it comes to building your computer, you can have a lot of fun and have specific parts and pieces.  With this skill you will be able to start a business, troubleshoot issues and much more.  Good luck and have fun with your new computer.

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