"Quietly, a great film was made"
Lee Grant - Oscar Winning Actress and Director

"Hugely empowering and uplifting"
Greg Lowe - CNNgo

"Should be mandatory viewing"
Jim Pollard - The Nation

Living With The Tiger is an intimate and moving story about a group of HIV infected orphans  in Thailand that have been abandoned by society. The story focuses on two of the children over a period of 3 years, and highlights the problems they encounter as they try to re-integrate back into their communities. Despite their traumatic experiences, they embark on the most unlikely of ventures for a group of teenagers from the countryside; a performance in an opera....









Living With The Tiger widgetIt's taken a while to produce the website for the film and it's something we should have had long before. Bet later than never I guess. One of the hardest things with a new site is getting it noticed and obtaining a good ranking in Google. Apparently, the best way to ensure that your site is 'search engine friendly' is to have other sites link to you, so don't be shy in setting up a link to our site!

Apart from the normal information you would expect to find here, there are also a few extras that are worth looking at. We have partnered with IndieGoGo, a crowd sourcing specialist, to help raise funds for the final part of post production and outreach. It's a relatively new idea that allows filmmakers and musicians to raise funds for their projects without relying on the traditional sources such as distributors and broadcasters.

The idea is that lots of people give small amounts instead of relying on a few big sponsors. One of the attractions of using this method is that people receive various perks depending on the amount given. Our page at IndieGoGo.

Tied in with this is our members only section on the website. This is an area for people who have contributed and will mainly feature sequences that are not in the main film. With over 160 hours of footage there will be plenty of good scenes that don't make it! Some of them will find their way on to the DVD extras but we want to keep most of it exclusively for our members and supporters.

The other area on our website worth looking at is our special widget. It's a little application that anyone can include on their website, blog, Facebook profile or even their email footer. It includes details of the film, direct viewing of the trailer, recent news and a photo slideshow. The great thing about it is that once it's installed on other sites the information  can easily be updated or changed by us. This way we can change the trailer, pictures, include screening dates etc... The installation process is straight forward and can be done by non-technical people.

We will continue to add to the website so don't forget to bookmark us or add our RSS feed. We also have a Facebook page which will pull in all of the latest news.

Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.




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