"Quietly, a great film was made"
Lee Grant - Oscar Winning Actress and Director

"Hugely empowering and uplifting"
Greg Lowe - CNNgo

"Should be mandatory viewing"
Jim Pollard - The Nation

Living With The Tiger is an intimate and moving story about a group of HIV infected orphans  in Thailand that have been abandoned by society. The story focuses on two of the children over a period of 3 years, and highlights the problems they encounter as they try to re-integrate back into their communities. Despite their traumatic experiences, they embark on the most unlikely of ventures for a group of teenagers from the countryside; a performance in an opera....









We are finally nearing the end of post production and if everything goes according to plan, the film should be completed by the middle of June.

The composer is currently recording the score in New York; the final mix is being done in Bangkok next week, and after that the colour correction, NTSC conversion and tape transfer will take take place in London. A truly cosmopolitan process!

It would be great if we could sit back and relax, but by all accounts we are only half way there. The distribution and promotion will consist of at least a year on the festival circuit, in addition to special screenings and fundraising events. We certainly need to raise more money as our budget is completely exhausted.

We hope to have a preview DVD available within the next couple of months.




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